What Does a Neurosurgeon at a Stroke Treatment Center Do?

Posted on: July 15, 2021

Stroke Treatment Center Lutz, FL

Wondering what takes place at a stroke treatment center? Neurosurgeons are part of a stroke team. Neurosurgeons play an important role in treating stroke victims, from triage to the intensive care unit.

Stroke treatment centers

Understanding what a stroke treatment center can offer stroke patients is necessary, as this type of treatment facility is one that is solely focused on treating strokes. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, stroke is an abrupt interruption of constant blood flow to the brain that causes loss of neurological function. Since anyone can have a stroke and at any time, making a plan for what to do after a stroke is essential. The sooner someone undergoes treatment, the more likely they will successfully recover from their stroke.

Responsibilities of stroke treatment center neurosurgeons

The medical professionals who work at a stroke treatment center each have their own responsibilities when working as a team to help stroke patients. The fact that neurosurgeons are specifically trained in performing surgery on the brain makes them the ideal choice for treating patients who are in need of repair after suffering a stroke. The information below explains more about what neurosurgeons do when they have decided to work at a stroke treatment center to help stroke victims.

Neurosurgeons perform surgical procedures on stroke patients who come to a stroke treatment center for medical treatment. It is their job to quickly determine whether or not a patient is in need of a surgical procedure and if the patient does require surgery, then they need to perform the surgery as soon as possible. This makes it essential for neurosurgeons to understand which procedures are necessary and when, as well as know when to use minimally invasive surgical techniques.

One of the more common surgical procedures neurosurgeons perform at stroke treatment centers is aneurysm clipping. This microsurgical clipping procedure requires neurosurgeons to strategically use small metal clips in order to stop the blood flow to the aneurysm. The clip needs to be placed on the opening part of the aneurysm in order to prevent the blood flow and therefore remains inside of the patient's brain.

Neurosurgeons can also administer clot-busting drugs to patients. Tissue plasminogen activator, known as tPA, is an FDA approved drug that is given to patients with the goal of reducing any long term disabilities associated with strokes. It does need to be administered to the patient within the first four and a half hours after their stroke in order for it to work. This treatment procedure requires a thin, flexible catheter to be inserted into the patient's artery and then threaded to the blood clot in their brain.

The bottom line

Now that the above stroke treatment center information has been read, it is understood what some of the responsibilities of neurosurgeons are. This type of medical professional is one that plays a large role in treating stroke patients. Choosing a local stroke treatment center is important, as quick stroke treatment is necessary to expect optimal results.

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