Neurosurgery Procedure: Herniated Disc Surgery

Herniated Disc Surgery Palm Harbor, FL

Dealing with a back injury like a herniated disc is certainly no fun, but thankfully there is now a neurosurgery procedure known as a herniated disc surgery that may repair some of the damage, reduce the pain, and restore function to the back. Depending on the circumstances, herniated disc surgery could be a major benefit, but before beginning the process, it is a good idea to speak with a primary care doctor, as well as, a neurosurgeon to ensure that there are no unknown factors that may determine whether or not candidacy is affected.

What is a herniated disc surgery? 

The neurosurgery surgery to alleviate a herniated disc is known medically as a microdiscectomy. This procedure is used to restore the range of motion in the spine, relieve pain, and reduce the tension placed on the spine by the herniated disc. 

A neurosurgeon performs this particular procedure because it deals closely with the spinal nerve. The procedure works because the surgeon relieves tension on the spinal cord by removing bone fragments, fragments of the herniated disc, and ligament tissue, which essentially creates more space for the nerve and relieves the compression. 

Are there any risks associated with the surgery? 

Though the surgery itself is delicate, being that it deals with the spinal cord, it is considered quite safe. There are some routine risks, including potential allergy to the anesthesia, the risk of infection, and damage to nerves or blood vessels. 

These risks are considered rare, so there is typically no cause for concern when having the surgery. 

What does the recovery process look like? 

After the surgery, recovery for the average person takes about four weeks before they may return to routine daily activities. During recovery, it is advised not to lift anything heavy, avoid strenuous exercise and limit your range of motion. 

However, people who engage in a rehabilitation program have been shown to recover faster and show even greater results from the surgery than those without a program. It is important to remember that a person’s overall health may influence the recovery process. This includes things like having multiple herniated discs, being significantly overweight, having poor circulation in the lower back going into the legs, and having low core strength. 

Who is a good candidate for herniated disc surgery? 

While anyone with a herniated disc may be a candidate for the surgery, there are certain patients with specific symptoms or underlying conditions who may benefit greatly from the surgery compared to others with less severe symptoms. 

In particular, if you are experiencing pain that is radiating into the leg from the back, then the surgery can provide a great deal of relief. Additionally, those who suffer from circulation issues in the lower extremities will see a major benefit as a result of the surgery. Conversely, those who are at high risk for infection or illness and those with weight issues may be more likely to experience complications from the surgery.

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