Neurosurgery After a Stroke

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If you know a loved one who has had a stroke, it is important to consider the steps to take during recovery and aftercare. Not only is it necessary to speak with a normal physician, but it may also be necessary to speak with a neurosurgeon about what recovery may look like, when, and why neurosurgery may be necessary, and how to help a person who is recovering. 

A stroke is a medical condition that often affects the brain in dramatic ways, as well as the body, so it is highly possible that neurosurgery can dramatically influence the outcome of events, along with physical therapy and other medical support. 

Why neurosurgery may need to be considered

The recovery process after a person has a stroke can be long and difficult, and can affect their quality of life greatly. The way that the person can move their body, the ability to use speech and connect thoughts with words, and the ability to read and write, among other things, can all be impacted after the event has occurred. 

It is also important to remember that there are different types, and depending on which one has happened, there is the potential that continuous brain damage can occur if it is not treated properly. 

For example, there is a chance that a brain hemorrhage caused by a ruptured blood vessel is the root cause of the damage. If that is the case, then without neurosurgery, there is a chance that the damage will not only continue to affect the person, but it can actually make them worse or even possibly result in death. Ruptured arteries are just one potential problem. 

There is also the potential of an artery that leads to the brain being blocked off by a blood clot. In these cases, the blood clot would need to be removed in order to restore blood flow to a certain portion of the brain. In other cases, a blood vessel may simply be defective and need to be sealed off so that blood flow can be redirected from other vessels to the brain. 

Things to know about neurosurgery 

While brain surgery after a stroke is not always necessary, it is crucial that a person is monitoring the condition of the person’s brain. A brain bleed can require a craniotomy, which is essentially drilling a hole in the head to release the pressure, or a valve blockage may need surgery, but it is difficult to tell without the right help of specialists. 

Even if neurosurgery is not necessary, the surgeon is still a valuable part of the recovery process when it comes to figuring out how much brain function may have been lost and what can be done to restore cognitive function, motor skills, and other brain functions that may have been lost. 

Contact a neurosurgeon to learn more 

The biggest reason to consider neurosurgery is that it is much more likely to help prevent future episodes if the root cause can be found and treated. Be sure to check with your care provider about the possibility of needing neurosurgery. 

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