Medical Conditions Treated by a Neurosurgeon

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Considering making an appointment with a neurosurgeon? This type of medical professional has decided to focus on treating problems of the nerves and nervous system. Common issues are often due to problems within the brain and/or spine.

Neurosurgeons treat a wide variety of medical conditions

Choosing to have a neurosurgeon thoroughly examine one’s medical health is commonplace for those who are living with nerve-related health problems. Examples of areas that this type of medical professional concentrates on include pituitary tumors, aneurysms, vascular problems, spine problems and brain tumors. The fact that neurologists have graduated from medical school, completed an internship and undergone three years of training in a neurology residency program means they are authorities when it comes to treating diseases of the nervous system. According to Healthline, the nervous system is made of two parts: the central and peripheral nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord.

Spine: Tumors and sciatica

A spinal tumor is a term used to describe an abnormal growth in or around the spine, spinal cord and/or the nerves. Spinal tumors may or may not be cancerous and are often monitored unless they or causing the patient to experience pain, which means the tumor will need to be removed. Spinal tumors can start in the spinal area or in another area of the body and then attach to the spine.

Sciatica is a medical condition that causes patients to experience pain in their lower back and/or the back of their legs. Since sciatica is often caused due to degenerative disc disease, this nerve-related problem is often addressed using minimally invasive treatment options, like spinal decompression. If sciatica is not treated in a timely manner, it can potentially become an emergency situation for some patients.

Brain: Metastatic tumors and meningioma tumors

Metastatic brain tumors is a term used to describe tumors in the brain that started in other areas of the body and then moved to the brain. When someone is diagnosed with this type of neurological problem, there are many different types of treatment options available. Common ones include chemotherapy, radiosurgery and surgery, of which there are both noninvasive and invasive options available.

Meningioma brain tumors are more commonly diagnosed in patients compared to other types of brain tumors. This tumor often starts growing in the brain and keeps growing into the inner parts of the brain. While many of those diagnosed with this type of tumor will simply need to be watched, treatment is necessary for some. Common treatment options include radiosurgery, surgery, brachytherapy endovascular embolization.

In need of nervous system treatment?

The above medical conditions are just a few examples of the conditions treated by a neurosurgeon. In order for someone to understand if this is the right medical professional for them, an evaluation appointment is the next step.

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