3 Scoliosis Treatment Options

Posted on: May 16, 2019

A scoliosis diagnosis may be alarming, but there are several scoliosis treatment options for those who suffer from the condition.

By understanding the basics of these scoliosis treatment options, you can decide which approach is best for your case.

Scoliosis Treatment Options

The treatment for scoliosis is dependent on a variety of factors, including the severity of the curve and the age of the individual.

Children are much more likely to receive scoliosis treatment than adults. In most cases, scoliosis does not pose many if any symptoms of pain or discomfort. The goal for treatment is to ensure the child can grow properly without the severity of their scoliosis worsening as they do so.

That said, adult treatment options are available for those with severe pain. Most adult options focus on reducing pain via lifestyle changes and physical therapy instead of medical procedures.

The following are three of the most common treatments for scoliosis.  

1. Scoliosis brace

A scoliosis brace is perhaps the most common form of treatment in children who are still growing. By wearing a scoliosis brace, a child can grow properly without experiencing any painful symptoms. Also, the brace prevents the curve from worsening as the child grows older.

The more often the patient wears the brace, the better the results will be. Most children no longer wear a brace after they stop growing.

2. Back surgery

For more severe curves in the spine, back surgery may be an effective scoliosis treatment. The goal of back surgery for scoliosis is to correct a severe curve in the spine. Doctors usually recommend this option after the individual has finished growing.

For children who have a severe case of scoliosis, a scoliosis brace is almost always tried before surgery is truly considered. In the event the child’s spine does not respond well to the brace, then back surgery may be performed.

Back surgery can be somewhat invasive, so you may be apprehensive about this procedure. However, the University of Washington states this scoliosis treatment has a high success rate.

3. Chiropractic treatment

Most cases of scoliosis do not result in any long-term health effects. That said, those with scoliosis may be at risk of suffering from back issues and back pain as they grow.

It can be beneficial for those who have scoliosis to see a chiropractor to address issues with posture and pain.

There are various exercises that a chiropractor may choose to utilize when treating pain caused by scoliosis. One common chiropractic treatment is spinal manipulation.

Although chiropractic care may not treat scoliosis itself, it can be successful with managing any symptoms of scoliosis that exist.

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